Cyberbullying, school bullying and bullying in the workplace are all issues of major concern in today’s society. We can no longer pretend that bullying is an insignificant matter. We must turn our efforts to managing bullying with anti-bullying curricula and policy in schools, and anti-bullying programs in workplaces. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide in young people and other forms of bullying have been shown to be just as damaging as other forms of child and adult abuse. At BULLYWATCH you will find resources and information about bullying to help and support victims and the people who want to help them. Welcome to Bullywatch where we watch out for victims of bullying and teach new skills for recognising, resisting and replacing bullying in your life.
Please contact Dr. Jean Healey to offer your ideas and ask questions about bullying, support@bullywatch.com.au
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