Cyber bullying involves abuse by internet, mobile phone and other electronic means. Help and support to stop cyber bullying is available here and some solutions are offered for help with this destructive and harmful behaviour. In terms of help and support for cyber bullying, it would seem that a simple solution lies in the ability of the  victims of cyberbullying  to identify the sender prior to opening the offensive material, whether email, text or SNS posting. Just as they would avoid the bully when they are seen approaching, the victim of cyber bullying  can be trained to take responsibility for their own protection by not opening the offensive material and/or forwarding it to a third party who can provide protective intervention, such as a parent or school personnel. This is not possible, of course, when postings and texts are sent anonymously. It is clear however that the fear created through this form of bullying often deters the victim of cyber bullying from responding in a self protective manner or helpseeking. Nevertheless, the possibility of taking control of the cyber bullying by forwarding such material to a protective third party is an attractive solution for those being effected by cyber bullies.

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