JEAN OCTOBER 2011DR. JEAN B. HEALEY, B.Ed., B. Spec. Ed., M. Ed. Studies., (Monash),Doctor of Education Educational Consultancy and Training,Director, Bullywatch Publications and Consultancy, (http://bullywatch.com.au) Email: support@bullywatch.com.au

Dr. Jean Healey is a freelance author, researcher and education consultant with teaching experience across the broad spectrum of education and learning environments. This includes teaching children and young people with autism, intellectual and physical disability, behaviour and emotional disorders, as well as mainstream students. She has taught young serious offenders and their teachers in juvenile detention facilities. She has been an academic, training teachers in a number of universities over many years. Her teaching expertise is in special education, child protection, behaviour management  and bullying intervention. Her research focus for the past 15 years has been on peer abuse and violence in schools.

She has presented her work at international conferences and seminars and been called as an expert witness in court proceedings related to severe bullying. She works with, supports and advises families on how to deal with severe bullying. She conducts training and consultancy with schools in relation to peer abuse and bullying intervention. Her work also extends to workplace bullying and the application of her interventions to these environments.

This website presents her unique perspectives on bullying and is meant to guide parents, teachers and other professionals in developing new understandings and competencies in dealing with the deadly serious matter of childhood bullying.

Cyberbullying happens to young people through mobile phone text messaging, social networking sites and emails. Cyberbullying is responsible for the suicides of many young people who thought no hope was left for them to recover their friends, reputation or safety.  See the ‘no hope’ page for stories of young people who suffered the ultimate price for their abuse.

School bullying and support programs for schools have grown in the past decade , and now there is no excuse for bullying to flourish in schools. Nevertheless , one in five children still report being bullied, and although most cope with the abuse with minimal support , we need to watch out for those who find this impossible and who are extremely damaged as a result.

Become part of the BULLYWATCH™ effort to watch out for victims of bullying and become  Guardians© and Defenders© of those who need our support.You can get resources, information, guidance and help for bullying here to assist you to recognise, resist and replace bullying in your life or the lives of others