Hi! My name is Bonnie.

hi! My name is Billy and I'm here to help you

Hi and welcome to BULLYWATCH! My name is Billy and my friend here is Bonnie. We want to help you find out about bullying, learn how to avoid and resist bullies and help you and others replace bullying with friends who care about each other. Both of us have been bullied. That’s why we decided to get together to watch out for other kids who are being bullied and help them learn what to do to get help.

  • If you are afraid right NOW go to  a parent or trusted friend for help. They will be able to help you if you let them know what is happening to you.
  • or CALL KIDSHELPLINE  1800 55 1800
  • ARE YOU BEING BULLIED? NOT SURE,BUT YOU FEEL SCARED OR UNHAPPY? take this quiz and show a parent, friend or teacher. You may be in need of some help to stop being bullied. Click on the quiz to download free BULLYWATCH Selfwatch © quiz
  • IS YOUR FRIEND BEING BULLIED? take the quiz and show your parent or teacher. Click here to download free  BULLYWATCH Palwatch Quiz©
  • BULLYWATCH BOOKLET. bullywatch booklet Click to download your  FREE  booklet  to help you learn more about bullying and what to do about it.  Limited time offer .It covers:
  • What is a friend?
  • What is bullying?
  • What we know about bullies
  • What you  can do about bullying
  • keeping yourself safe

and much more. Don’t forget to tell mum or dad or your teacher and ask them to help you download the book.

Watch this space for more help and stories from Billy and Bonnie.